PointClickCare CNA provides nurses and agencies with patient care software that allows them to customize patient care plans. Moreover, they can track updates to their information regularly to recognize changes in their condition as soon as they happen. Updates like these relieve staff and patients of stress by keeping them informed.


The ability to connect your entire business can help you shorten your revenue cycle, close months faster than ever before, reduce stress, and improve profitability. Users can choose from a variety of solutions provided by PointClickCare. We have outlined some of those solutions below.

Industry Solutions Offered By PointClickCare

  • Providing residents with online payment options and flexible alternatives, including payment plans and eWallet options, will help you to realize revenue more quickly.
  • With Harmony by PointClickCare, you can see timely, easy-to-understand information on the performance of skilled nursing facilities, allowing you to build and manage a high-performance network.
  • Companion, the industry’s best mobile care and services documentation tool, ensures you capture every dollar of revenue.
  • With CRM, you can manage leads and referrals easily, while matching resident needs and requirements to your services and capabilities.
  • One of the benefits of the most widely adopted, single-cloud platform is that you never have to worry about changing workflow or data management yourself.
  • With a single, centralized, and scalable platform, access the right data for planning and providing care, billing for services, and completing operational oversight.
  • There is increased pressure to accept more patients when you have low occupancy.
  • With the information you need to make informed admission decisions, you can ensure that you don’t impact your revenue goals with costly readmissions.
  • You can make quick and confident decisions with real-time access to medical charts and powerful analytics tools.
  • Automate and streamline pharmacy workflow for long-term care residents to ensure safe and timely medication dispensing, administration, and tracking.