Companion App

The PointClickCare CNA Companion app is a device used to manage living communities for senior citizens as well as nursing facilities to properly document and record every need. It also provides care for post-acute and long-term care facilities online via an electronic health care system.


Caretakers can streamline the process of delivering and documenting medical services and medications with PointClickCare Companion. With Companion integrated with point of care (POC) and electronic medication administration records (eMAR), senior living communities can enjoy several significant benefits. PointClickCare Companion includes features such as:

  • Enable An Enhanced Resident Experience: With Companion, caregivers can spend more time with residents while less time is spent documenting tasks, which allows them to access information immediately and provide a better level of service.
  • Immediate access to key information: Residents have access to information about their services, and unscheduled services can be requested.
  • Unified to-do lists and status: Users are able to easily identify critical action items by timing and grouping tasks by shift.
  • Improve Financial Health: You can easily document both planned and unplanned tasks in Company, ensuring you get paid for all services you provide without having to chase paperwork.
  • Make Staff Happy and Effective: Finding good employees is hard enough. It will be easier to get and keep them if you provide them with the tools that appeal to them. Companion provides staff with critical resident information as well as easy-to-use tools for distributing medications and documenting services.
  • Streamlined documentation: End users can document tasks at the point of care and record the time it takes to complete each task. It is simple to document vital signs and medication distribution to ensure the best possible quality of care.