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The PointClickCare CNA Login portal gives you an individual platform where you can learn about every care factor from a provider who is experienced. It’s a quick and easy app that provides you with authentic information. Nurses and agencies can access it as an online resource that improves their speed, accuracy, and efficiency.


You can build an excellent way for communication between care staff, patients, and other organizations with this advanced webform technology. The care staff can improve their style of documentation and management of health issues by improving daily activities.

How Can I Update The Password Of My Account?

In PointClickCare, you can update your password directly if you have the necessary security access granted by your organization’s security administrator. It is important to note that PointClickCare CNA does not create or reset passwords.

Please contact your system administrator if you have any questions about your password. Contact your institution’s or community’s system administrator for assistance with accessing PointClickCare CNA from an outside computer or device.

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner of the PointClickCare CNA Login page to see a list. You can then edit your profile.
  • In the My Profile Settings pop-up, select Change Password.
  • The Password Change pop-up requires you to enter your Old Password twice and your New Password once.
  • Alternative Password/PIN boxes can be used to re-establish an alternate password/PIN that was previously used to certify items in the PointClickCare CNA program.
  • When your Security Administrator has set up password rules, you must follow them.
  • The frequency of mandatory password updates is determined by your Security Administrator. When enabled, you will need to update your password upon logging in.
  • You need to save the file. Select Save if you wish to make additional changes to the information in the My Profile Settings pop-up.