PointClickCare’s comprehensive, post-acute data set is combined with the largest, full-continuum network, allowing care teams to access deep insights at the point of care, regardless of the stage of patients’ healthcare journeys.


PointClickCare CNA provides a single platform that spans across care settings, enhancing care transitions between visits, patient management within visits, and network optimization across visits. They offer a wide range of services.

Services Offered By PointClickCare

Revenue Cycle Management

The program increases profitability for skilled nursing facilities by increasing cash flow, increasing collections, and minimizing bad debt write-offs. Their team has the knowledge and tools to ensure that every dollar is collected. They also improve cash flow by fixing the root causes of denials and irregular payments by enhancing resident registration and payments.

The company provides comprehensive services by analyzing data by payer, facility, state, and region. They then benchmark the results and identify problem areas to provide recommendations. You can focus on providing care for residents while they take care of the administrative tasks.

Accounts Receivable Resolution Service

Experts in receivables management take a comprehensive approach to the collection of all commercial, government, and charity claims, as well as all underpaid, rejected and denied claims. You can rely on their experience to make sure your claims are correctly submitted and resolved thoroughly so that you can maximize your revenue. They relentlessly pursue payment by utilizing a risk-free, contingency-based arrangement.


Medicaid Pending Conversions

With PointClickCare, pending files are resolved more quickly, resulting in a more predictable cash flow. By entrusting Medicaid applications to their specialists, who are experienced in working with state governments, you will obtain all available financial coverage.

Medicaid eligibility specialists work directly with your organization, residents, and their families, allowing you to focus on providing care. The RCM team coordinates the documentation process throughout to maximize the amount of revenue collected.